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All patterns available in Gaiter Style Face Coverings and Reusable Gift Wrap

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This one-of-a-kind wrap will WOW UCONN fans over and over again.
Great for accepted students, alumni, parents, graduates and more.

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Current offering are also available in Combo packs which include 2 sleeves and 2 bands. No minimum order required. Click here to view Combo packs.

Deluxe Tote Bag includes Tote, Fabric Combo Packs (12 total) and Accessories.

It Makes a Difference

You recycle bottles and plastic, why not gift wrap? Have you ever considered the environmental impact of all that wrapping paper and ribbon? Ever thought about its impact on your carbon footprint?

In most cases, gift wrap isn’t recyclable either. Did you know that approximately 30 million trees are cut down annually to produce paper gift wrap and bags? Or that approximately 4 tons of that gets thrown into our landfills after the holidays? Also, during production, dyes and inks are added to the paper to give them their festive glow with many brands using a special kind of lamination that makes it impossible to recycle. What a waste.

Isn’t it time that you changed the way you wrap gifts?


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