Linda Longobardi

While watching my niece’s young children wrapping random objects in the house with conventional paper gift wrap and tape, then giving one of us the present to unwrap over and over again initially seemed like a fun game.…until I noticed the crumpled up heap of wrapping paper on the floor waiting to be thrown out! It then that I had my AHA moment. I knew that there must be a better way to eliminate so much waste…
There was.
Substitute traditional disposable paper gift wrap for beautiful, unique, innovative, reusable stretch fabric.

So, how and why did we do it?

After a series of failed prototypes, I finally found the easiest, most attractive, sustainable and reusable way to wrap gifts with a stretch fabric. By finding the finest quality and manufacturing partner, our patented (and more pending). fabric gift wrap is ready to revolutionize the way people wrap their gifts.

I hate waste. And this truly is a perfect way to be creative while preventing millions of trees from being cut down and reducing tons of waste in our landfills created by discarded, conventional wrapping paper. You will be amazed and delighted to wrap a gift in about 20 seconds without tape or scissors.

Only the Best

Our Mission

Is to produce sustainable products that empower consumers to to make better choices when purchasing gift wrap. We create innovative, beautiful and simple products that make it easy to shift the way you gift.

How It Works


Starting at ends, use your index finger and thumb with both hands. PINCH the fabric at the corners of the box.


Holding the “pinched fabric”, use rest of your fingers to TUCK the extra fabric underneath pinch so fabric lays flat on the box.


With index finger, thumb and fingers tucked underneath fabric, ROLL or slide hands outward and fabric tucks itself in.