The Future of Gift Wrap with The Future in Mind

Roughly 30 million trees are cut down to make wrapping paper, bows and gift bags just for the month of December. Approximately 4 tons of that go directly into our landfills after the holidays.

Our unique, reusable gift wrap is changing the landscape of giving and receiving by providing an easy to use, eco-friendly and affordable alternative to wrapping paper.


We have beautiful, colorful patterns for every gift giving occasion. Our reusable, patented and sustainable stretch fabric wraps fit most size boxes and odd shaped gifts!


We are proud to have the exclusive rights to feature the UCONN® logo on our fabulous fabric gift wrap and Gaiters. Great for Accepted Students, Alumni, Graduates and more…

Everything else is just Trash!

Over 7 billion dollars is wasted on paper gift wrap that just ends up as garbage in our landfills. Now you have a choice.

It’s so Easy to Wrap In Seconds!


Starting at ends, use your index finger and thumb with both hands. PINCH the fabric at the corners of the box.


Holding “pinched fabric”, use rest of your fingers to TUCK the extra fabric underneath pinch so fabric lays flat on the box.


With index finger, thumb and fingers tucked underneath fabric, ROLL hands outward and fabric tucks itself in.

It Makes a Difference

You recycle bottles and plastic, why not gift wrap? Have you ever considered the environmental impact of all that wrapping paper and ribbon? Ever thought about its impact on your carbon footprint?

In most cases, gift wrap isn’t recyclable either. Did you know that approximately 30 million trees are cut down annually to produce paper gift wrap and bags? Or that approximately 4 tons of that gets thrown into our landfills after the holidays? Also, during production, dyes and inks are added to the paper to give them their festive glow with many brands using a special kind of lamination that makes it impossible to recycle. What a waste.

Isn’t it time that you changed the way you wrap gifts?


It's a Gift Around Your Gift!


You always throw away wrapping paper…but you can keep or share our beautiful gift wrap!

We know you love our wrap and may not want to give it away! But when you share our fabric gift wrap with the circle of those you gift with, there’s a good chance it will come back to you. If not, you know it’s been shared with someone else.

Either way, you’ve contributed to a more simple, sustainable way to wrap gifts.