Why Fabric Gift Wrap?

It's The Future of Gift Wrap

With our gift wrap alternative, you can wrap gifts quickly, NO tape, NO scissors, NO waste. It's reusable gift wrap that's so beautiful, people will keep it and use it again. The gift wrap that is also the gift.


It's the affordable alternative to paper gift wrap!

This innovative gift wrap is the most AFFORDABLE wrap you can buy because it can be used over 50 times! It doesn't wrinkle, tear, lose it's shape or color. No more using tired old bows, our daisies, fabric wraps and bows stay beautiful, gift after gift.

Our reusable sleeves are perfect for wrapping most shirt, pant and shoe boxes. They are made of 100% microfiber and can stretch over many odd -shaped packages such as toys, stuffed animals and more!

Each package contains coordinating designs that allow you to create unique and beautiful gifts that look fabulous together when you need to give two gifts to one person OR use both sleeves to wrap a larger blanket or coat box!

Want to make it a Party? Check out our Tote Bag Starter Kit and Deluxe Kit that make great gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Bridal Showers and more!

Stretch your dollars using our stretch fabricPurchasing just one package of our reusable gift wrap makes life easier for all of the 100 recipients that will use it and saves roughly 10 bags of trash that would have been created from paper gift wrap!

So, join the movement to SHIFT THE WAY YOU GIFT and together we will save trees and landfills everywhere! Regift The Wrap is an eco-friendly and economical gift wrap that benefits you and the planet. We are proud to make sustainable obtainable!