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Our goal is to produce sustainable products that empower consumers to make better choices when purchasing gift wrap.  We believe in creating innovative, beautiful and simple products that make it easy to SHIFT THE WAY YOU GIFT!




Linda Longobardi - President Regift the Wrap, LLC.

This is one of my favorite quotes and it certainly proved to be true when the idea of creating reusable gift wrap came to me. I was watching my niece’s children play together. They were wrapping random objects in the house with conventional paper gift wrap and tape. When finished, they would give one of us the present to unwrap and then repeat the process all over again.  

Discovering the joys of giving while staying occupied and content was an almost perfect game….except for the crumpled up heap of wrapping paper on the floor waiting to be thrown out! It was at that moment when I thought that there must be a better way to eliminate so much waste. And what better way to eliminate the waste than to substitute traditional disposable paper gift wrap for funky, innovative, reusable stretch fabric?

I started making prototypes, bounced the idea off of my dear friend, Robin, owner of R.L.F. Home  and REGIFT THE WRAP became a reality! This truly is a perfect business because it allows me to be creative while preventing millions of trees from being cut down as well as reducing tons of waste in our landfills created by discarded, conventional wrapping paper. As an added bonus, I’m thrilled to be able to make gift wrapping quick, easy and fun as life is pretty busy these days. You will be amazed and delighted to wrap a gift in about 20 seconds without tape or scissors. 

So give it to those you care about and receive it back from those who care about you! Everybody wins!

Our hope is to create a movement to SHIFT THE WAY YOU GIFT with our innovative, patent-pending gift wrap! Please join us in this exciting endeavor and share our beautiful, reusable gift wrap with everyone you know! 

There is a better way. Thank you for supporting Regift The Wrap!

Keeping life simple...